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Hakkai Stealing Gojyo's Cigarette
saiyuki konzen douji gaiden

I suddenly had the idea to draw Hakkai smoking his first cigarette. Cigarettes have symbolic meaning in Saiyuki. Here, I decided to draw Hakkai stealing Gojyo’s cigarette when he wasn’t paying attention. Hopefully you can see the surprise in Gojyo’s face. I feel that Hakkai making the choice to start smoking would be symbolic of two things. First, cigarettes are symbolic of Gojyo and Hakkai’s relationship. In their previous lives, Kenren and Tenpou would often smoke while enjoying each other’s company (and I believe they mentioned something about being happiest when they were smoking… or that’s when they feel the most alive). Second, I feel as though Hakkai’s decision to make a change such as this is symbolic of him moving on and no longer dwelling on the past (just as Sanzo’s first cigarette was symbolic of his life going in a new direction).

I hope this picture doesn’t look too sloppy. I finished it fairly quickly, and digital drawing isn’t my forte. I don’t draw these two nearly enough.

I like drawing Gojyo in a white tank top for some reason. And I thought Hakkai would look nice in white, but I decided to make his shirt black for two reasons: 1) I wanted some contrast between their clothes, and black was the best contrast for white, and 2) I feel as though Hakkai wouldn’t feel right wearing white, since white is the color of purity. Black seems to suit his blood-stained past better. As to Gojyo wearing white, I feel as though he is the most “pure” out of the four main guys. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t believe he has killed as many people. While the other three have histories involving them committing murder, Gojyo’s history is of his mother almost murdering him. For this purpose, he’s the better choice of the two to be wearing white.

This isn’t really relevant for the picture, but I love the fact that their eyes are complimentary colors.

(This was originally posted on my tumblr blog:
I feel like I should apologize for my badly written description. I really thought I'd be able to describe the symbolism behind this picture better than this, but I suppose my writing skills aren't the best right now.

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