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How Doyle Doesn't Care About Holmes
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I would probably have read all of the Sherlock Holmes series by now if it wasn’t for the fact that Arthur Conan Doyle didn’t care about the stories. I had felt so deeply for the characters and thought that Doyle was so brilliant and thoughtful to put so much depth into Sherlock Holmes’s personality and his relationship with Watson. When I learned that Doyle didn’t really put any thought into the stories, I learned that all my deep thoughts about the depth and psychological meanings about the characters were not intended by the author; therefore they were just my imagination.

I had thought that Doyle was a wonderful creative writer who cared about making meaningful stories, but it turned out that he just wrote the first thing that came to mind in order to make a living. I feel as though a good creator should care about his art and love it as if it were a child to him, and not treat it as simply a tool to make money. I loved these stories and I still do, but its saddens me that Arthur Conan Doyle did not have any love for them. It’s amazing how we can see so much psychological and emotional meaning in a story that was not meant to have any meaning besides solving a simple mystery. Despite knowing that Doyle didn’t intend to make the stories seem this in depth, I would like to still use my imagination to pretend there are more to these stories than meets the eye.

The next time I read Sherlock Holmes, I’m going to forget about the Arthur’s intentions, and I will read it as I feel a great story should be read, in a way that will leave me wondering what the characters really think and feel and how their minds work. I will use my imagination to see what isn’t there. I will pretend Sherlock Holmes has psychological difficulties when it comes to caring for others and seeing the beauty in life, and I will pretend Dr. John Watson is absolutely infatuated with this fantastically unique human being with whom he lives and of whom he writes about daily.


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