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New to livejournal
saiyuki konzen douji gaiden
I just recently got a livejournal account, and I really don't know how to use this. I'm guessing not many people go on this website anymore, because of tumblr, but I hope to join some communities and whatnot.

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A lot of people also have Dreamwidth accounts, since Livejournal acts like a jerk sometimes. Most of the communities are on both sites. (I don't know if Dreamwidth is still invite-only, but if you need an invite code let me know.)

You can check my profile for some of the communities - I belong to most of the Saiyuki comms, as well as Fullmetal Alchemist and some other anime/manga comms.

The nice thing about DW/LJ is the comment system, and you can really get into some nice discussions with people.

Thank you! I'll have to check out Dreamwidth now.

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